What’s on the plate for AAJA Seattle

Outgoing and incoming AAJA members hold a retreat to discuss 2012.

By Lauren Rabaino

Members of the old board and freshly-elected AAJA Seattle board met at a retreat last week to hand off ideas and kick off the new year. Thanks to all the board members for coming, and to Sharon Chan for hosting the event in her condo building. Here are some raw notes from the meeting about what we have planned for 2012.

Sanjay, the outgoing president, outlined the chapter history for new board members:

  • Founded in mid-’80s, 1986. Third nat’l chapter after LA and SF
  • 2006 reached milestone of raising 100k
  • Founders scholarship, try to give out one per year

Three priorities that AAJA Seattle has established

  1. Outreach – partnership with SPJ for savings for AAJA members. Trying to figure out how to engage members more.
  2. Mentoring
  3. Training