AAJA Seattle member Marian Liu writes on AAJA leadership program


[photo from AAJA.org]

Marian Liu, arts and entertainment reporter at The Seattle Times, shared her experience with AAJA’s Executive Leadership Program (ELP) in an article posted on the National AAJA Web site.

Liu was the 2009 recipient of the AAJA/Newspaper Association of American Foundation Minority Fellowship, which covered her expenses for the ELP program, which looks at how Asian American and Pacific Islander values relate to high-level decision-making processes and leadership development.

Liu writes about why she became a journalist, what drew her to the ELP program and how the program increased her confidence and leadership skills.

Here’s an excerpt from the piece:

But after years in the industry, I ran into the same walls as those before me. Managers spoke about my “potential,” yet I was never able to realize this “potential.” But, the Executive Leadership Program provided me the blueprint to gain that footing to climb upwards.

In August,  Liu directed the first fully multimedia-enabled student project at the AAJA National Convention in Boston. This year’s AAJA Voices staff covered the convention through a variety of media platforms.